Saturday, July 19, 2014

Summer Saturdays

Summer Saturdays in Vermont usually go a bit like this for our family: I go for a run when we wake up, breakfast somewhere, a trip downtown for the farmers market & other random errands. Today was no exception, I started off with a 4 mile run before it go too hot out. I'm terrible at running in the heat, so the earlier the better for me. I was rewarded with this lovely sight halfway through my run.
I wanted to keep going but we had business to take care of and I am definitely needing some new shoes. I have been running with Brooks Adrenalines since I got fitted for running shoes but I am thinking of switching it this time. Not sure what I'm going to look at yet, I'll see what is recommended.
After my run we had our Saturday morning breakfast, today was an egg sandwich from a little restaurant in town. Their secret (that's not so secret because it's on the menu) is maple syrup on it. Really brings out all the flavors in the sandwich.
Then it was onto all of our fun stuff until a little two year old of mine decided to throw a tantrum at the farmers market. She was overtired and perked up once she saw our friend and her new baby. Thankfully that got M out of her funk (for the most part).
She carried the basket of goodies while we walked around for awhile. It's so impressive to see how big this farmers market has gotten. When we first moved up here 5(!!!!!) years ago it was about 7 booths. Now there are at least 30 on any given weekend selling all sorts of goodies! Here's our haul:
On our dinner menu tonight is pesto & mozzarella paninis with cucumbers and raspberries on the side. Last week when we had the pesto M wouldn't let me wipe her off with a towel after dinner, she licked the pesto off her arms.. It's that good!

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