Sunday, January 12, 2014

Thai Peanut Chicken Salad

I found two recipes on Pinterest the other day that I wanted to combine to make my mason jar salads for the week! One had the chicken marinade I wanted and the other had the sauce and dressing recipe I wanted.

To start, I marinaded 1.25 lbs of thin sliced chicken breast in extra virgin olive oil, rice vinegar, sugar, lime juice, garlic and cilantro for 5 hours.

While the chicken was doing its thing, I made the peanut dressing. Since I was putting this into mason jars and not eating it right away, I didn't want my lettuce getting all soggy so I combined recipes for the dressing and sauce.

I whisked together 1/4cup freshly ground peanut butter from my local health food store, 1/4 cup rice vinegar, 1/4 cup sweet chili sauce and 2 tbsp soy sauce. I wanted my dressing a little tart, if you would like it sweeter, add a little honey.

Once the chicken was done marinating I cooked it on a grill pan, it only took a few minutes on each side. After allowing it to cool I chopped it into bite size chunks.

Then I layered my mason jars, sauce on bottom, chicken, carrots and cabbage. Now when I go to eat all I have to do is dump out my jar onto my lettuce! No lunch prep for the rest of the week!




Thursday, December 26, 2013

21 months

My little munchkin, this past month I realized you really aren't a baby anymore. You still crawl every once in awhile and it's only when we have run so many circles around the house that you're exhausted. You are so polite, saying please and thank you for everything. I love it! And you love to help around the house..unloading the dishwasher, moving clothes from the washer to the dryer and helping with sock matching, picking up "goobage", cleaning the floors with the swiffer, making sure the table is clean after you eat and best of all, you are able to help mommy bake. You like putting everything in the mixer and sneaking a few chocolate chips if we are baking with them. You have your own little kitchen now and you have started making meals for your stuffed animals. You can go down the stairs on your belly, and you've become quite the little daredevil.. Standing on your stool and jumping onto the couch!


You are still a great eater, brocci is a favorite, along with the beans, cheese and yogurt. Weekend specialties of bagels and pancakes are always a treat.

Sleeping is fantastic -7:30-7 and then a 2 hour afternoon nap.

You love playing outside, and I'm really glad for that. You watch a few elmo videos on YouTube and animal shows on tv, but you would rather read books, play with your toys or go outside. The other day when we had 2 inches of ice on the ground you were so upset I wouldn't let you come outside with me and Bella. You got your snow pants and boots already but unfortunately it was too dangerous. Hopefully we will get some more snow so we can play outside & sled!


Weight 23 lbs

Height 32 inches

Teeth 16

Potty training - not yet, starting to show more interest in using the potty.. Even sat on it without your diaper last weekend

Clothes 18 months

Favorite toys - books, kitchen stuff


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Super belated 18 months

18 months - SUPER BELATED


Weight: 21lbs

Teeth: 12 (front four top and bottom, and first 4 molars)

Words: all done, ant, cado (avocado), baby, ball, manama (banana), bath, bean, bee, be (bella), bike, blanky, book, boot, bowl, buh (bunny), bus, butt (button), bye bye, car, cat, cacker (cracker), cake (pancake), chair, cheese, chip, come, corn, cow, dada, daddy, dark, diap (diaper), dog, done, down, duck, ear, eat, egg, ahmo (elmo), empty, eye, flip, flower, gamma (grandma), garage, hat, jacket, jamma (pajamas), jeans, jump, yight (lifght), mama, meat, mel (melon), kayla (michaela), milk, mommy, mahster (monster), more, ma (mouth), night night, nuh (nose), side (outside), towel (owl), pants, passa (pasta), pe (pen), pee pee, phone, pizza, plate, please, poop, pop, pretty, punkin (pumpkin), puppy, shool (school), sheep, shoe, sit, sleep, snack, sock, soup, poon (spoon), spot, tent, tank you (thank you), tickle, toe, try (toy), truck, tub, two, up, walk, wa (water), indow (window), itch (witch), yogut (yogurt), zzzziiii (zip)

Phrases - Eat cheese (more of a demand at the time of occurrence), I'm done, Sit Down, Keen up (clean up), Ov you (love you)

Poot - combination of poop and toot

Signs: Eat, More, Done

Sounds: Woof, ooh ooh (monkey), meowwwww, hoo hoo (towel/owl), moo

Sleep: 2 hour nap and 11-12 hours overnight

Eats: Pretty much anything! But bagels & pancakes are weekend specialties

Toys: Books & Blocks

You are the best little munchkin, you love life and everything makes you so happy. It's such a joy to see how happy things make you, especially when you can do something yourself. You think you are so strong and try to carry things to help around the house.

You love waiting outside for daddy to come home from work and squeal with delight when he comes into the driveway.

I love when you call out for me when you need a hug. On one particularly difficult night you came into bed with us to snuggle and hopefully fall back asleep. But before you could settle down you had to do this:

M: Bun?

Mommy: Bunny is here.

M: Mahster?

Mommy: Monster is here.

M: Blankey?

Mommy: Blankey is here.

M: Bella?

M: Bella?

Mommy: Bella is sleeping.

M: Daddy?

Mommy: Daddy is sleeping.

And you fell right asleep after your 3am roll call. It was a pretty funny 3am moment.


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

15 months

This is a bit early for a 15 month update, but I figured I would start typing now since I've skipped a couple of months!

Since you turned one you have become quite the little person, you have such a kind, sweet personality. You find joy in the littlest things (unplugging things, taking things out of the recycling and giving Bella her treats). You are quite the little helper also, every day you get my ice pack for me to bring to work and you hand me diapers when I go to stuff them. You love to give mama, dada and Bella kisses and hugs.

You are a little shy with people at first, but it only takes a few seconds to warm up to people and start giving a little smile and a wave. You were such a joy to watch during music class, you know a few of the songs and the movements to go along with them. This month you also started half days at daycare. We found a place that we love and you are very comfortable at. You learned your daycare provider's name very quickly and get excited when I tell you that's where we are going.

Watching you play with your toys is getting really fun now, you have a purpose to what you are doing when you play. You also really love your books, you bring books over to me and dada all the time to read to you, but you will also sit by yourself and flip through the pages telling yourself a great story!

You love going through our wallets and taking all the goodies out, walking around with purses and bags on your arm, your shoes and necklace. In the last month you have really started playing with your stuffed animals and dolls. You walk around snuggling them and giving them hugs and kisses.


Words: Done, More, Up, Dog, Shoe, Sock, Mama, Dada, Down, Chee (cheese) and I'm sure there are a few more I can't think of right now.

Signs: Eat, More, Done

Sounds: Woof, ooh ooh (monkey)

Sleep: 2 hour morning nap, 45-60 min late afternoon nap, 10 hours overnight.

Eats: Anything, right now smoothies are a big hit and you are getting a little pickier.

Toys: Blocks, Farm house, Stuffed animals and dolls, Books



Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mile PR

Look at this gem..

The dog pulled me through mile one, and mile two was all on my own. I'm so proud especially since my training has been less than stellar lately. Sub 30 5K here I come!



Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Cheesy Mexican Quinoa Bites

The munchkin gobbled these up today & this recipe is pretty adaptable to whatever you have on hand. Original recipe can be found here


1/2 cup of dry quinoa (cooked = 2 cups)

1 can of black beans

1/2 cup shredded cheese (I used sharp cheddar)

Handful of frozen kale

2 eggs

Cumin, garlic powder, onion powder and whatever other seasoning you want. Note - I did not add salt because I was giving it to the little one


Cook your quinoa as directed, once cooked and cooled preheat your oven to 350F. Add the remainder of the ingredients and mix well. Grease 2 mini muffin tins and add the mixture. Bake for 12-15 minutes (until they do not break apart easily)


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Back in the Stroller Again

Today was our first run of many outdoors in the stroller! It was so nice to be out there again. I put M in her snowsuit (it's fleece) and she pointed and jabbered at everything along the way. We covered 3.6 miles in about 45 minutes (minus a minute here or there to cover her hands/take off my jacket because I was overheating and a pee break). I'm going to have to work on my abs, because running with a stroller is so much different than running without. I haven't run with M since October so it will be a great way to spend our time together during the week. I think the max I'll be able to do with a stroller is 5 miles just because it's so hard to push it.. but I'll be so much speedier when I run without it!

After our run I made a smoothie and some cinnamon toast and M napped for an hour and a half, I guess all that running wore her out! I showered and curled up in bed with her & the doggers and joined the nap party. It was fantastic.

We also had our last day of music class yesterday for this session yesterday. The kids had a blast and I can't wait to see how much more interactive they are with each other and Mr. Chris in a few weeks! M was pointing at everything, clapping and really just soaking it all in!