Thursday, November 21, 2013

Super belated 18 months

18 months - SUPER BELATED


Weight: 21lbs

Teeth: 12 (front four top and bottom, and first 4 molars)

Words: all done, ant, cado (avocado), baby, ball, manama (banana), bath, bean, bee, be (bella), bike, blanky, book, boot, bowl, buh (bunny), bus, butt (button), bye bye, car, cat, cacker (cracker), cake (pancake), chair, cheese, chip, come, corn, cow, dada, daddy, dark, diap (diaper), dog, done, down, duck, ear, eat, egg, ahmo (elmo), empty, eye, flip, flower, gamma (grandma), garage, hat, jacket, jamma (pajamas), jeans, jump, yight (lifght), mama, meat, mel (melon), kayla (michaela), milk, mommy, mahster (monster), more, ma (mouth), night night, nuh (nose), side (outside), towel (owl), pants, passa (pasta), pe (pen), pee pee, phone, pizza, plate, please, poop, pop, pretty, punkin (pumpkin), puppy, shool (school), sheep, shoe, sit, sleep, snack, sock, soup, poon (spoon), spot, tent, tank you (thank you), tickle, toe, try (toy), truck, tub, two, up, walk, wa (water), indow (window), itch (witch), yogut (yogurt), zzzziiii (zip)

Phrases - Eat cheese (more of a demand at the time of occurrence), I'm done, Sit Down, Keen up (clean up), Ov you (love you)

Poot - combination of poop and toot

Signs: Eat, More, Done

Sounds: Woof, ooh ooh (monkey), meowwwww, hoo hoo (towel/owl), moo

Sleep: 2 hour nap and 11-12 hours overnight

Eats: Pretty much anything! But bagels & pancakes are weekend specialties

Toys: Books & Blocks

You are the best little munchkin, you love life and everything makes you so happy. It's such a joy to see how happy things make you, especially when you can do something yourself. You think you are so strong and try to carry things to help around the house.

You love waiting outside for daddy to come home from work and squeal with delight when he comes into the driveway.

I love when you call out for me when you need a hug. On one particularly difficult night you came into bed with us to snuggle and hopefully fall back asleep. But before you could settle down you had to do this:

M: Bun?

Mommy: Bunny is here.

M: Mahster?

Mommy: Monster is here.

M: Blankey?

Mommy: Blankey is here.

M: Bella?

M: Bella?

Mommy: Bella is sleeping.

M: Daddy?

Mommy: Daddy is sleeping.

And you fell right asleep after your 3am roll call. It was a pretty funny 3am moment.


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