Thursday, December 26, 2013

21 months

My little munchkin, this past month I realized you really aren't a baby anymore. You still crawl every once in awhile and it's only when we have run so many circles around the house that you're exhausted. You are so polite, saying please and thank you for everything. I love it! And you love to help around the house..unloading the dishwasher, moving clothes from the washer to the dryer and helping with sock matching, picking up "goobage", cleaning the floors with the swiffer, making sure the table is clean after you eat and best of all, you are able to help mommy bake. You like putting everything in the mixer and sneaking a few chocolate chips if we are baking with them. You have your own little kitchen now and you have started making meals for your stuffed animals. You can go down the stairs on your belly, and you've become quite the little daredevil.. Standing on your stool and jumping onto the couch!


You are still a great eater, brocci is a favorite, along with the beans, cheese and yogurt. Weekend specialties of bagels and pancakes are always a treat.

Sleeping is fantastic -7:30-7 and then a 2 hour afternoon nap.

You love playing outside, and I'm really glad for that. You watch a few elmo videos on YouTube and animal shows on tv, but you would rather read books, play with your toys or go outside. The other day when we had 2 inches of ice on the ground you were so upset I wouldn't let you come outside with me and Bella. You got your snow pants and boots already but unfortunately it was too dangerous. Hopefully we will get some more snow so we can play outside & sled!


Weight 23 lbs

Height 32 inches

Teeth 16

Potty training - not yet, starting to show more interest in using the potty.. Even sat on it without your diaper last weekend

Clothes 18 months

Favorite toys - books, kitchen stuff


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