Monday, November 26, 2012


Here's a pic of M enjoying the scarves from Crazy Tuesday

8 months

M is 8 months as of last Wednesday, we had a crazy hectic weekend in CT so I haven't updated. She is really on the move now, crawling all over, pulling herself up on things (both to her knees and to standing!) and almost climbing up a step. Too much too fast, my goodness. Besides crawling, M has become a lot more playful this month, she is giggly and happy. Still loves jumping and playing with Bella and any other pet she can get her hands on. M still loves snuggling during naps and in the mornings. Her favorite toys are the pieces of her foam mat, stacking cups and anything that does not belong to her! She is still nursing 6/7 times a day and going strong. Cloth diapering is going well as long as everything is washed and ready to go! She still has no teeth to speak of, and is wearing mostly 6 month clothes. I measured her last week and she was 27.5", maybe I'll get her on the scale tomorrow!

As of her 8 month birthday she wasn't feeling food too much (just attempting apples, sweet potatoes, bananas and avocados). We are still doing baby led weaning so she's eating with her hands, a mesh feeder and a spoon. On Thanksgiving I put sweet potatoes on her spoon and she got some in her mouth. She had honeydew and watermelon in her feeder, and I gave her string beans and turkey. I'm pretty sure she didn't eat any turkey, but she played around. I'm glad she finally got the hang of some of the food.

We have music class tomorrow which I'm sure will be a blast since it's been 2 weeks. M is crawling all over the place now so I'm sure a few of the other kiddos are as well!

M and her cousins on Thanksgiving

Enjoying her Thanksgiving dress

Some goodies from the Target sale rack
 for our trip to Disney!

Henna for an awesome wedding
The happy couple

Meeting her BFF!

All dressed up for her naming

As for my running, I only ran once this past week/weekend. It was a nice Thanksgiving morning run.. I did a 5K and totally forgot how hilly the neighborhood I grew up in was! Back at it Wednesday!

Monday, November 19, 2012

6 miles!!

I ran/walked 6 miles yesterday. It was a beautiful Vermont morning running by the lake and once I got going it wasn't even too chilly. I think I'm going to download some podcasts to run to. Maybe that will get me to not think about what I'm doing and I'll be absorbed in listening. Then BAM, I'll have run a million miles. Wishful thinking, I know!!

Besides my run, this weekend was filled with more work, and a much needed haircut. Hopefully this was our last weekend of working because I need to sleep!!! I'm excited for Thanksgiving weekend and all the wonderful people we will be seeing over it. I don't think I'll get much rest because we will be so busy, but I'll try my hardest. Good thing we'll have grandparents down the hall to take M when she wakes up bright and early raring to go in the AM!!

Speaking of M, she's been crawling up a storm lately. Loving being able to check things out. She crawled around the corner today while I was in the bathroom getting ready and just peeked at me. It was pretty cute. She's also been babbling a ton. She is really good at "Yayayayaya". It's funny watching her mouth make the sounds. She gets so wrapped up in it sometimes she can't stop! Ah I love her! I can't believe she'll be 8 months old on Wednesday. Time really does fly.

Boycotting a nap

3 hours later in a milk coma

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Today was a workout at the chiro's office. Thankfully I was able to get a run in, I really need to be more regimented about getting my weekday runs in. Maybe if I do that, the weekend ones will go a little smoother. I did 27 mins on the treadmill, I had to stop around 19 mins because M was fussy, I comforted her and played with her for a second then got back on.

All in all, I did a 5 minute warmup, then run 60 secs at 6mph, 30 secs at 4mph, 60 secs at 7mph and 30 secs at 4mph. It went pretty well, just trying to get my speed up a bit!! We'll be headed back on Friday for an appointment and more treadmill time. Then a 6 mile run this weekend!! Hopefully it won't be too chilly.

Can you spy a smiley babe in the pic below?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Crazy Tuesday

M didn't sleep so well last night, we had one wakeup which came at a rough time for me: 3:48AM. Not so amazing when I get home from work at 1:15AM. But we survived, with a cup of my favorite Starbucks holiday drink.. the skinny peppermint mocha. YUM! Before we left the house, M practiced for music class by banging on the laundry basket while I got ready.

Our first stop this morning was at the June's house, I won a $30 credit to her etsy shop from a local mom's blog so we stopped on by to get some stuff. I got a onesie for M and a cute clutch for me. All of her items are really cute and colorful!!
Next stop was Starbucks for the caffeine & then to music class. All the kiddos had a blast this week, playing with scarves, crawling around, checking out the guitar! It's really fun going to class and having some adult time during the week while M plays. We hung around for awhile after class just chatting with the other moms/dads and let the kids play. A nice way to spend a chilly VT day!

After all of that fun we headed home, M naps in the car since it's a 35 minute ride, and usually I bring her carseat inside and she keeps sleeping.. well she had other plans today. As soon as I put it down she was awake! So it was lunchtime and more playtime.

Tomorrow we are going to the chiropractor so I can get a run in..

Monday, November 12, 2012

Shortest Weekend

What a hectic weekend, I had to work on Saturday which was NO fun at all. The best part of my day was being greeted with a HUGE grin from M when I got home.. and then taking a nap! On Sunday I did my 3 mile run, it wasn't the best run, hopefully I will do better this coming weekend since I have 6 on my plate. We had brunch with a bunch of friends and babies.. and grocery shopped. Pretty uneventful as far as weekends go, and I fear this one will be the same since I will be working on Saturday again. We had to start putting a clip in M's hair to get the bangs out of her face! Her hair is so long in the front. And a big M milestone this weekend, she pushed herself up to standing! Crazy!

Friday, November 9, 2012

December 5K

Alright, I guess I'm really enjoying racing and it keeps me motivated for my training.. I found myself a December 5K to run in Burlington. It looks amazing. Here's the link Santa 5K, everyone gets a Santa suit and you have to run in it. I'm so in!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Say cheese!

Here's a pic from the Autumn 5K a few weeks ago, this was taken in front of the State House in Montpelier! Ignore the chins..

M and I didn't do too much today, we did visit her future day care so that was exciting! Just enjoyed the chilly day in VT!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Today was my first time ever running on a treadmill, I was successful and didn't fall off the back. I did a random workout, just playing with the speeds/inclines and worked on keeping my balance. I found a bunch of treadmill workouts on Pinterest so I think I am going to start doing those now that I got the hang of it. While I ran, M played in her little play area. It was awesome to have her right there so I could talk to her and she could babble to me. All of the girls at the chiro's office love seeing her so that's always fun.

I didn't get too much sleep last night due to a late night at work and an early wakeup with the doggers barking, but I'm glad I was able to get my workout in.. I even felt better after it.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Sorry for the slow blogging lately, it's been hectic at work, only for more crazy to come.
But on a fun note, M and I went to music class today. She was a rockstar, crawling all around and looking at everything. She crawled right up to the teacher and watched him play his guitar today, it was pretty adorable. It's really interesting to see the kiddos grow week to week. All the kids are around her age, there is a boy who just turned 7 months a few days ago, and he was doing what she was at the class two weeks ago (chewing on a scarf). This week M was right in the middle playing with them and grabbing for other ones. It's crazy how much they have all grown since the first week.
Here's a pic of M playing with Greenkulele
Tomorrow we are going to the chiropractor so I can run on the treadmill there for my training run. It's way too cold for me to run with M in the stroller now. So we will go to the gym there, the chiropractor is awesome and got one of those baby fence things so I just need to bring a ton of toys to keep M happy while I run. Win for us because she will be warm and happy!

Monday, November 5, 2012


5 = the number of miles I ran yesterday!! That's my furthest ever and I made it without walking. I'm a little sore today but I'll take it.

This weekend was a wonderful chill weekend. We ran errands on Saturday, grocery shopped, I cooked a wonderful dinner of turkey cutlets, roasted sweet potatoes and acorn squash!! I also made chocolate mousse and homemade whipped cream!!! So fancy.

Sunday I ran in the am then hung around all day with the munchkin. I love spending al day with my Fam!!

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