Monday, November 19, 2012

6 miles!!

I ran/walked 6 miles yesterday. It was a beautiful Vermont morning running by the lake and once I got going it wasn't even too chilly. I think I'm going to download some podcasts to run to. Maybe that will get me to not think about what I'm doing and I'll be absorbed in listening. Then BAM, I'll have run a million miles. Wishful thinking, I know!!

Besides my run, this weekend was filled with more work, and a much needed haircut. Hopefully this was our last weekend of working because I need to sleep!!! I'm excited for Thanksgiving weekend and all the wonderful people we will be seeing over it. I don't think I'll get much rest because we will be so busy, but I'll try my hardest. Good thing we'll have grandparents down the hall to take M when she wakes up bright and early raring to go in the AM!!

Speaking of M, she's been crawling up a storm lately. Loving being able to check things out. She crawled around the corner today while I was in the bathroom getting ready and just peeked at me. It was pretty cute. She's also been babbling a ton. She is really good at "Yayayayaya". It's funny watching her mouth make the sounds. She gets so wrapped up in it sometimes she can't stop! Ah I love her! I can't believe she'll be 8 months old on Wednesday. Time really does fly.

Boycotting a nap

3 hours later in a milk coma

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