Monday, November 26, 2012

8 months

M is 8 months as of last Wednesday, we had a crazy hectic weekend in CT so I haven't updated. She is really on the move now, crawling all over, pulling herself up on things (both to her knees and to standing!) and almost climbing up a step. Too much too fast, my goodness. Besides crawling, M has become a lot more playful this month, she is giggly and happy. Still loves jumping and playing with Bella and any other pet she can get her hands on. M still loves snuggling during naps and in the mornings. Her favorite toys are the pieces of her foam mat, stacking cups and anything that does not belong to her! She is still nursing 6/7 times a day and going strong. Cloth diapering is going well as long as everything is washed and ready to go! She still has no teeth to speak of, and is wearing mostly 6 month clothes. I measured her last week and she was 27.5", maybe I'll get her on the scale tomorrow!

As of her 8 month birthday she wasn't feeling food too much (just attempting apples, sweet potatoes, bananas and avocados). We are still doing baby led weaning so she's eating with her hands, a mesh feeder and a spoon. On Thanksgiving I put sweet potatoes on her spoon and she got some in her mouth. She had honeydew and watermelon in her feeder, and I gave her string beans and turkey. I'm pretty sure she didn't eat any turkey, but she played around. I'm glad she finally got the hang of some of the food.

We have music class tomorrow which I'm sure will be a blast since it's been 2 weeks. M is crawling all over the place now so I'm sure a few of the other kiddos are as well!

M and her cousins on Thanksgiving

Enjoying her Thanksgiving dress

Some goodies from the Target sale rack
 for our trip to Disney!

Henna for an awesome wedding
The happy couple

Meeting her BFF!

All dressed up for her naming

As for my running, I only ran once this past week/weekend. It was a nice Thanksgiving morning run.. I did a 5K and totally forgot how hilly the neighborhood I grew up in was! Back at it Wednesday!

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