Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Sorry for the slow blogging lately, it's been hectic at work, only for more crazy to come.
But on a fun note, M and I went to music class today. She was a rockstar, crawling all around and looking at everything. She crawled right up to the teacher and watched him play his guitar today, it was pretty adorable. It's really interesting to see the kiddos grow week to week. All the kids are around her age, there is a boy who just turned 7 months a few days ago, and he was doing what she was at the class two weeks ago (chewing on a scarf). This week M was right in the middle playing with them and grabbing for other ones. It's crazy how much they have all grown since the first week.
Here's a pic of M playing with Greenkulele
Tomorrow we are going to the chiropractor so I can run on the treadmill there for my training run. It's way too cold for me to run with M in the stroller now. So we will go to the gym there, the chiropractor is awesome and got one of those baby fence things so I just need to bring a ton of toys to keep M happy while I run. Win for us because she will be warm and happy!

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