Monday, October 29, 2012

Onion River 5K

What a busy weekend we had! Saturday was full of bagels, a photo shoot, a walk around Burlington and dinner at American Flatbread. YUM!!!! M enjoyed her rings while we chowed down :)
Sunday morning came early and we headed down to Montpelier for the Autumn 5K. We signed up when we got there as most people were, and it was pretty small, not too many people running. It was a really great race, according to mapmyrun it was a bit more than a 5K, and I ran it with a stroller so it was a wonderful workout training for my Princess Half! There were a lot of kiddos there running it with their parents, even a dad lion who carried his daughter lion on his back, all in all a very fun laid back race. Part of the course was out and back and everyone was cheering for each other which made it really fun. We got to run across the steps of the state house.. and every time I am in Montpelier, I remind myself how much I like it, and that we should go there a little more often. I think this race will definitely be on my list next year as a nice fun run!
M even won herself an award!!
The rest of Sunday was spent running some errands, cooking and carving pumpkins! M's pumpkin is a nod to Young House Love and I think it turned out really cute!
Hope everyone makes it through this crazy hurricane alright!!


  1. I wish I had known about this race! Love your pumpkins!

    1. I don't even remember how I found out about the race. You should definitely do it next year.. it's so casual which makes it extra awesome! And thanks on the pumpkins!