Thursday, October 25, 2012

Princess Half Training..

Is going.. not as spectacularly as I want it to, but it's happening. I'm doing the Beginner Training from the RunDisney site. It's getting harder for me to run with the stroller (I only do weekdays with it, not the long runs) and I feel like I'm just getting slower. I found a few leg strengthening exercies to hopefully get my legs ready to power through 13.1 so I'll start those in the AM, and I mapped some new running routes from my house. Backcountry scenic VT runs at their finest :)
The babe loves going running, she just chills in the stroller and enjoys the scenery! And usually falls asleep.
 This has been the view for M's 12 o'clock-ish nap the past few days.. they have been pretty long and I'm enjoying all the cuddles while I can..
I'm really excited for the upcoming weekend, the SIL and BIL are visiting, we have pumpkins to carve, Halloween parties to go to, and a 5K to run!


  1. That's so exciting! My husband and I were going to run the Disney Half last January but then he got in a bike accident while training and I found out I was pregnant so we deferred to the Disney Wine and Dine (which is next weekend) but now won't be able to do that one either (boo) so hoping we can register for another one in 2014! Good luck with your training!

    1. Thanks Lindsay, I'm excited for a trip to FL and to run. I can't wait!! Hope you can do it next year :)