Monday, October 22, 2012

7 months

Well it's been a busy month, M is now 7 months old. I can't believe it. She's on the verge of really crawling, I got a 4 "crawls" if you will out of her the other day, but nothing that spectacular since. She's definitely moving though. She loves her sippy cup, and apples.. they are the first food she really picked up on her own and put in her mouth. She's not a fan of being spoonfed.. so I guess she's on her own for this one ;) She also hates getting her diaper changed except for first thing in the morning. M loves looking at dogs, she spends all her time when she's with her babysitter on Thursdays laughing at the dog, and much to our disappointment, not napping! And is a big lover of bouncing, doesn't even need to be in a bouncy seat, just wants to jump!! M is still such a cuddlebug, she loves napping on us and being held, which I love!! We are also doing a music class, it's so hippy it's ridiculous. At a farm in the bakery.. a bunch of babies playing around.. it's really fun and good to get M interacting with other kiddos!
This month also brought some fun things for mommy! I ran my first 5K, and I didn't do too badly. My goal was to finish without stopping to walk.. I met my goal, and I was WAY faster than I thought I was going to be. I also signed up for the Princess Half at Disney!! I'm psyched and nervous and a million different other feelings.. it should be good. A test for me! I also got a first shift job sometime in the near future.. which means looking for daycare for M. I'll be sad to leave her, but happy to have family time together, dinners together.. and once she's big enough and in school, go to her sports and dance classes in the evenings and help her with her homework!
I'll leave you with some pics..

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