Tuesday, June 18, 2013

15 months

This is a bit early for a 15 month update, but I figured I would start typing now since I've skipped a couple of months!

Since you turned one you have become quite the little person, you have such a kind, sweet personality. You find joy in the littlest things (unplugging things, taking things out of the recycling and giving Bella her treats). You are quite the little helper also, every day you get my ice pack for me to bring to work and you hand me diapers when I go to stuff them. You love to give mama, dada and Bella kisses and hugs.

You are a little shy with people at first, but it only takes a few seconds to warm up to people and start giving a little smile and a wave. You were such a joy to watch during music class, you know a few of the songs and the movements to go along with them. This month you also started half days at daycare. We found a place that we love and you are very comfortable at. You learned your daycare provider's name very quickly and get excited when I tell you that's where we are going.

Watching you play with your toys is getting really fun now, you have a purpose to what you are doing when you play. You also really love your books, you bring books over to me and dada all the time to read to you, but you will also sit by yourself and flip through the pages telling yourself a great story!

You love going through our wallets and taking all the goodies out, walking around with purses and bags on your arm, your shoes and necklace. In the last month you have really started playing with your stuffed animals and dolls. You walk around snuggling them and giving them hugs and kisses.


Words: Done, More, Up, Dog, Shoe, Sock, Mama, Dada, Down, Chee (cheese) and I'm sure there are a few more I can't think of right now.

Signs: Eat, More, Done

Sounds: Woof, ooh ooh (monkey)

Sleep: 2 hour morning nap, 45-60 min late afternoon nap, 10 hours overnight.

Eats: Anything, right now smoothies are a big hit and you are getting a little pickier.

Toys: Blocks, Farm house, Stuffed animals and dolls, Books



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