Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fall Fun!

Hey blog, it's been awhile. We've been taking care of some fun fall things.. like wearing our leaves..
I bought this outfit last fall in anticipation of a cute little baby wearing it. I love it and I'm gonna be so sad when she grows out of it :(
Did some apple picking this past weekend at Shelburne Orchards, we picked a ton of Cortlands to make some applesauce and other delicious treats. I froze a bunch of the applesauce in the mini muffin tins so when M is ready to eat it we have baby sized servings!
After our Wednesday run. We did 3.1 miles (I'm so ready for this 5K) in 38 minutes with the stroller. Someone even stopped on the main road by our house and told me she gave me props for running with the babe. Gave me some extra motivation to keep going :)
Working on my Project Life.. I'm finally getting the hang of it and really enjoying it. I have about 6 months to cover but we'll get there.


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    1. Thanks! It's from Hatley.. I fell in love with it last year.. and needed it :)