Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I spy..

Can you spy M in the picture below? She backed herself under the island (since she crawls backwards) and proceeded to get really annoyed that she was under there!!
Rocking her onesie from Uncle J! Notice she's sitting up.. far too cool for reclining these days. This is how she was sitting when I got out of the shower.
We went to music class this weekend, it was just an open house, but it will be good to get M interacting with other babes. It was so cute to watch her squeal with Mr. Moo.
I've been reinspired to get back on my Project Life train, it's not going to be weekly pages.. hopefully that will come next year.
At least I have a cute assistant sticking her tongue out at me to motivate me :)
This pair of pjs sums up life right now.. I couldn't agree more!
On the running front : I did my first 26 minute run on Tuesday, it was hard, I had to walk for 2 minutes during it, but I'll get there. I've decided no more running without the stroller until race day.. because it's THAT much harder the next time I run with it.

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