Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Round here..

Round here we..

Crawl onto the dog's bed and lay down for the quickest power nap ever (a split second),

 Go for treadmill runs with skirts on to get used to them for Florida temps,

 Cheer mommy on when she's running,

Clap with our feet,

 Play in the snow,

Run 13.3 miles on snowy roads with a windchill of -10,

Eat delicious cookies in anticpation of our trip,

Play with all the other babies at the mountain,
Take our clothes out of the laundry basket, 

Climb up the stairs

We're busy people!


  1. Clapping with feet is the cutest ever.

    I also want some pretty Disney type cookies!

    1. They were so delicious. I need more! And yes the foot clapping, I can't get enough!