Saturday, February 2, 2013

Busy bees

This has been one crazy week! Between work and life there has been no time for writing. So here's our week in a flash..

Saturday I did 9.5 miles with my buddy, when we started it was -2°F! My motivation for even getting out of bed was a text telling me that if we were cold we would turn it around.. Okay, so that got me out of bed and I wore my normal layers with my silk ski pants and top over them and my new lulu running jacket. I felt and probably looked ridiculous, but I was warm once we got moving!

Monday M and I met up with my running buddy at the chiropractor to get a run in on the treadmill and we used this crazy wave machine which apparently really works your muscles because I was so sore the next day! M chatted on the phone..

Tuesday we had music class which was so much fun this week, M was really into it. She was clapping, yelling and hamming it up for everyone there. We had a great time and I can't wait to go back next week! She really loves the scarves so we might have to get her some.

Wednesday and Thursday were normal days of playing and snuggling. But a fun thing happened this week, M learned how to give kisses. She smiles this big huge grin and then sticks her chin out for a bit then plants one on my lips. Sometimes she even goes for the open mouther. It's really cute! And the dogger is starting to appreciate M a bit more now, she doesn't bolt as soon as the baby comes over.

And bringing the week to a close, we had a playdate today with our friends. The kiddos were so cute playing together, M was crawling all over everyone and everything.

This weekend we are birthday planning, enjoying the superbowl and doing a 5 mile run.. Almost Princess time!

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