Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Back in the Stroller Again

Today was our first run of many outdoors in the stroller! It was so nice to be out there again. I put M in her snowsuit (it's fleece) and she pointed and jabbered at everything along the way. We covered 3.6 miles in about 45 minutes (minus a minute here or there to cover her hands/take off my jacket because I was overheating and a pee break). I'm going to have to work on my abs, because running with a stroller is so much different than running without. I haven't run with M since October so it will be a great way to spend our time together during the week. I think the max I'll be able to do with a stroller is 5 miles just because it's so hard to push it.. but I'll be so much speedier when I run without it!

After our run I made a smoothie and some cinnamon toast and M napped for an hour and a half, I guess all that running wore her out! I showered and curled up in bed with her & the doggers and joined the nap party. It was fantastic.

We also had our last day of music class yesterday for this session yesterday. The kids had a blast and I can't wait to see how much more interactive they are with each other and Mr. Chris in a few weeks! M was pointing at everything, clapping and really just soaking it all in!

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