Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Unexpected run

Lucky for me and not so lucky for the hubs he was home sick today. I took advantage of 30 minutes of his time and got outside for a run. The sun was shining and I really wasn't looking forward to a treadmill workout.. everything just happened to fall into place. I did a little speedwork with the Garmin since I wasn't running on a track.

0.5 miles warmup 11 min/mile pace

0.15 miles faster pace (varied between 9&10:30 min/mile)
0.15 mile recovery at 11 min/mile pace

Then repeated those two intervals as best as I could until I got to 2.5 miles, I'm sure I slowed down a lot for my "faster" pace as my run progressed, but I got out there and did it so that's all that matters. I think now that it is warmer I am going to get M back into the stroller all bundled up. A half hour of fresh air will be good for her, and good for mommy to not be bored on the treadmill!

I am going to tentatively plan to run 2-3 weekdays (I say tentatively because it's weather pending if I am going with M in her stroller) and 1 weekend day so I can get speedy for me! I am sure pushing the stroller will help me be a lot faster when I am not pushing it.

And a reminder for myself.. don't wear too many clothes when it's 37° out. I was way too hot!

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