Tuesday, January 22, 2013

10 months

I can't believe I am writing a 10 month update and that I'm already thinking of birthday party ideas for M. How have 10 months already gone by?!

Here's some stats:

Height: 28 inches
Weight: 19.5 pounds
Eating: nursing, avocado, puffs, yogurt, bananas, pears, shredded chicken, carrots, cheese, bread, pasta, peas
Favorite toys: LINKS! The edges of the interlocking playmat, kitchen items (spatulas/tupperware), books,
Words: Mama (more of a chatter but I think we're counting it), and I think you said Ella last week for Bella.
Teeth: None (though there's a hard white spot on your gums.. so maybe?)

Watching you grow is so amazing, to think just 10 short months ago you were content just being held. You still want to be held and love to snuggle, but now you have so much to explore around the house. You love taking out books to read and look at the pictures. You're still a big fan of the recycling bin and checking out what goodies are in there. You love to hold Bella's toys and pet her (even though you poke her in the eye sometimes). We visited Ollie's house the other day and you had the best belly laugh while he was playing with all of his toys. You are a great baby in public, we can bring you to restaurants and you are happy as can be sitting there and eating your meal. You took your first trip to Jay Peak a few weeks ago and met a new friend in the family area.

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